Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last Firday!

Ok so I am very late on posting this but we have had a busy week.
I was going to post this on Saturday but I had to blog about the kids first!
Then on sunday my cousin went into labor and we drove down to be with her.
And well the rest of this week the kids had school and it was a bit CRAZY around here.
I finaly got around to posting a blog yesterday about our new cakes we are making that I was very extied about.
Then I came across this picture in the folder that I have marked BLOG on my computer.

WE Made the Front Page of Etsy on Friday the 7th of November!!!


SewMuchDetail said...

Congrats congrats!! I know you are thrilled and it's well deserved. I have to put one of your candles on my blog soon because they are just gorgeous and well yummy looking!!

Leslie said...

Congrats on front page!!

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