Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween was so much fun!

We had so much fun last night Trick or Treating with the kids...
We only took the kids around for an hour but they had a blast.
We had 4 hours to trick ot treat here last night. I think the kids had more fun handing out candy back at the house then anything. Here are the kids in there costumes.

Alyse was Hannah Montana. What a doll!!!

Cameron was Comander Cody. A Clone Trooper. What a
handsome little man!!!

The kids handed out Candy to the kids that came around after we came home.
And earlier in the day Dave got together some samples for all the mom s and dads that took there kids out trick or treating.
The moms and dads of the kids were so happy to get something as well. It was a great night.

After all that we had pizza for supper and watched a movie with our cousin. All and all I
would have to say this was one of the happiest Halloweens we have ever had. And
here are some other pictures of the kids in there costumes.