Monday, November 17, 2008

Customer Appreciation Giveaway Contest

Heading for 1000 contest

We’re 320 sales away from 1000 in our etsy shop! To thank all of our wonderful customers we’re going to run a contest until we reach 1000 in our etsy shop -

For every item purchased until our 1000th sale you’ll get your name put in this bucket. So, if you purchase 3 items you’ll get 3 entries.

Once we reach the magic number, or children will draw names from the bucket for the prizes listed below. I will video blog the drawing so that everyone can see the drawing.


1st Prize – $30.00 Gift Certificate

2nd Prize – $20.00 Gift Certificate

3rd Prize – $10.00 Gift Certificate

Runner-up Prize #1 – One bar of soap of your choice

Runner-up Prize #2 – One pack of breakaway melts of your choice

Runner-up Prize #3 - One lip balm of your choice

These gift certificates will be valid at either of our shops – as well as


Jen said...

Sounds like a great idea! Good luck with that!

Linda said...

How do you get 3 columns in your blog?

It's very nice and love the pics.

1337 Art said...

Congrats on almost 1000! That is great. Good luck!! I may have to stop by sometime. :)

Leslie said...

Awesome!! heh I*m going to try to make this much as possible :P

MaryMarsh said...

Super contest! And congrats on all your sales! I'll certainly have to come shop! :) Everything I bought recently is going away as a gift. I need more for me! lol!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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