Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Contest / givaway update!

We are getting closer and I am so excited!!!!  I am one of those people that just love giving things away.  Good thing I have my husband or I would be giving ever thing away all the time.  

He has to put me in my place a lot about that kind of thing.  So when he came up with the idea of a giveaway I was so excited! 

So on to the give away.  We were 320 sales away on the 17th and now we are only 280 away!  I am going to try to keep you all updated on this as much as possible.  But I don't want to do it to often because it is going to take the fun out of all of it!  

I can't wait for the kids to do the drawing.  Oh on that note we will be adding one last runner up prize.  So that the kids can both pick 3.  The last runner up will get a free lip balm of there chose.

Thank you and have a creative day!