Monday, March 10, 2008

Featured Etsy Shops - AMSX05 - buttonempire

I know I've been slacking on the blog posts. Life got a little crazy for a few days and has definitely lived up to our name.

We have gotten so many great items off of Etsy lately that I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites.

First is AMSX05 from Two Bees In A Pod.

I got my first card from them shortly before Valentine's Day for my wife, Erin.

This card was amazing. I love it so much! The quality of the paper and details put into the card made it even more special than buying a handmade card instead of a store bought card would have in the first place.

I really liked the fact that the card came with it's own envelope that also had a nice handmade touch to it. There was a cute glittery heart in the corner that gave it that extra special feel. The card also came in a nice plastic bag along with a nice clear / mesh-like decorative bag with a ribbon which made the perfect holder for the other half of her Valentine's Day gift; a really nice butterfly bracelet also from Etsy.

This past week our second card from AMSX05 arrived.

This one is a Thinking of you (Friendship) card and will be perfect for whomever we decide to send this one to. I know though that it will be hard to see this card leave. I love the paper used and the blue and green color combination makes this card POP. There is a nice little rhinestone on the front as well next to a stamp in the corner reading "Thinking of you". The inside is left blank for you to write what you would like.

I know that I would love to get a card for a special occasion that looked like this, and the best part is that each of these wonderful cards were under $3 including the shipping.

You can't even go to the store and buy a card for that price. Plus you have to get dressed and go to the store. Then try to find the "perfect" card, which after an hour still doesn't happen, so you grab a bunch and sit and stare at them deciding until you finally get sick of looking at cards and just grab one.

Tell me that's not how card shopping usually goes... every time I go I see everyone else doing the same thing.

Next time you need a great card for any occasion keep Two Bees In A Pod at in mind. You won't be disappointed.

Next up are a few buttons I found in a treasury a few weeks back. The second I saw them I tried to buy them, but the treasury link went to a sold item.

After searching the store full of great funny buttons I came across another set of the same buttons from buttonempire.

These buttons fit Erin and I so perfectly that I just had to make a quick mention and share them with you.


ara133photography said...

I love their cards too!!! :)

I tagged you guys -

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

about the buttons, you guys are too cute :)


OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE SO GREAT!!! :]]]]] You guys just made my LIFE!

Kerry said...

Let's hear it for buying handmade cards! Those buttons are awesome! Thanks for turning us on to new etsy sellers!

Simple Splendor Photography said...

I saw those buttons too!! I think I'm going to get them for my husband for his birthday!