Monday, October 6, 2008

What a Great Day!!!

Ok so we had to run to the post office to ship some orders out like we do every Monday. Then we had to get gas in the van. We were excited about that as well because gas was only $3.39 a gallon. Woo hoo happy dance time.

Then we had to get some Kitty Litter for our little Princess so we went to Target. It was my first time out of the house sense I had surgery so I wanted to look around a little bit. And as all parents do we went right for the Toys because we didn't have the kids with us. We went right were we always go to the Clearance spot on a back wall.

And What do I see!!!!

3/4 Size Washburn Hannah Montana Acoustic Guitar

The one thing I know my daughter wants more then anything in the world. So we had to get it. :) They normally are $90.00 and it was on clearance for 22.75 What a great deal. That is just the prefect gift for Christmas.

We also got our Son Cameron some Star Wars Ships but they were normal price. But that is ok because us getting Alyse's present on clearance made it so we can get more for both of them.

It always makes us so happy when we can get our kids stuff they want or like. Our kids are easy to please but it is always nice to get them stuff they really really wanted.
So that was our exciting day today.


BlenderBach said...

3.39 a gallon! Oh my!

Meekiyu said...

dang.. its 3.09 in south jersey... my bf is doing a happy dance... he called me just to tell me that... >_> but in nyc.. I don't know.. driving in the city is not advised... i bet your kids are going to be happy with all them presents!!


Oooh happy, happy children, I love that guitar!! Hope you're feeling good :0)

RagsNehali said...

hope u're feeling well! i like digging clearance spot as well! great find :) i'm sure your kids must be having fun with it!!

Jen said...

Target & cheep gas are two of my favorite things! Cute guitar!
-10oneworld on etsy

Alexandra Whatton said...

Great job getting the Christmas shopping done early! Wish I was that organized!

~ Alex