Friday, October 10, 2008

New stuff!!!!

Well we all know the holidays are coming soon.
So here are some of our new and exciting
ideas we came up with.
Hope you like them all.

On the left is a Chocolate mint rustic pillar.

On the right is our fall mix melts yummy. Whe you put a black, white, and orange one in your melter it smells like Apple cider :)

On the left here is a Sun Ripened Raspberry pillar with little Raspberry melts in it as chunks.

On the right is a Reindeer Scented Stuffie. I have to say there really good room fresheners. And very cute.

On the left here is an Apple Pie pillar with apple melts put in as chunks.

On the right is one of the Blue hat Snowman Scented Stuffie.


BlenderBach said...

oh the apple one looks amazing! I can almost smell it now..... :D

MaryMarsh said...

What beautiful and yummy candles!! And the reindeer and snowman are simply adorable!! :)

piggy said...

I love those yummy candles!! The fruity ones are the best! :)

Leslie said...

Aww the reindeer is adorable! Wow the Sun Ripened Raspberry pillar looks good enough to eat.

missknits said...

wow all those are so awesome! i love snowmen! the stuffie is adorable!

Mayhem said...

wow...these candles look amazing!