Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great news!!!!

Well I went to a NEW doctor today. And he read over all my tests and told me that I am going to be just fine as of right now I have to get a pap done every 6 months just to make sure...

But the reason I wasn't getting my monthly friend is because I was not ovulating... My hormones were very low so he gave me some pills to help it come. I don't know if any of you know but it is not good for you to go anymore then 3 months with out having your cycle. It can cause you get get uterine cancer and that my friends is not fun. So I am so sorry if I scared any of you with my bad health post but every thing as of now is going to be ok. And as for all the pain I was in it was my body telling me to get in to the doctor and get checked out I think. That and I have a very small cyst on my ovary.

And thank you all for the nice comments and for all of your support. Oh and I also thank my lucky stars that I have such a GREAT and wonderful husband. I hope everyone of you lovely people can find a soul mate like I did.

thank you for reading this and have a creative day.