Monday, February 18, 2008

It can stop snowing now!!!

It is Crazy outside!!! We must have gotten at least 18 inches of snow if not more in the last TWO days now. Good thing we have things to do in the house :D.

But it has also been a bad few days as well.
We have been up for almost 2 days now.
Our Daughter got up a little after 12 last night and didn't feel well.
She had a fever of 103.7 not much fun trying to help a 4 year old that doesn't know what she wants.

So today we went to the Doctor with both the kids since they have both been feeling icky, and they BOTH have STREP. So we have at least one more day of our son being home from school.

He really doesn't like to miss school. So keeping him home is not fun for any of us.

Now that I got my GRRRR out I can go on and tell everyone some
cool stuff....

We have 2 online candle party's that just started on our website

We also have some new scents coming to our line
of candles and B&B.
So if your reading this you get a heads up for what to look for :)

the new scents are:

Banana Nut Bread
Bubble Gum
Chocolate Mint
Lemon Drops
Love Spell (VS Type)

I can't wait for you all to SMELL them they ROCK!!!!

We also have a few other things that are cool that are going on but now isn't the time to say anything about that we will tell you all at the right time so PLEASE check back soon...